Interesting facts about South America’s Casinos

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Venezuela are the popular countries in South America for gambling and casinos games. In between $4 and $5 billion, a year is brought in by Argentina casinos casino business and is a home to the most casinos.

Casino de Tigre, the continent’s biggest casinos, Argentina is the home. It is located in Tigre, Argentina and has 74 table games and 1, 700 casino slot machines/video poker games.

City Center Rosario Casino is the biggest entertainment center in South America and is located in Rosario, Argentina. The cavernous building has about 2000 slots.

Moscow-based Ritzio International is Eastern Europe’s largest casino company and has now opened casinos in Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia. Since the Russian ban, they have gone from having casinos in 8 countries to 15.

Bolivia in particular has been impacted by the ban in Russia. With a population of 9 million, there are now more than 80 casinos and about 10, 000 gambling machines.

In Venezuela, it is more difficult to open a casino. The must be located in a five-star hotel, declared a tourist sector by the central government, with at least 200 rooms. Additionally, in their county, the county residents may veto the installation of casinos. The Margarita Hilton Resort and Casino, both located on Margarita Island and this has resulted in high quality casinos such as the Laguna Ma Allegro Resort and Casino.

The biggest casinos in Chile are Casino Monticello Grand, Enjoy Antofagasta, and Marina del Sol in Talcahuano.

By providing food and beverages served at a much lower price in comparison to their North American counterparts, the South American casinos and casino games are becoming much more popular. this is done to attract people to come inside and once inside, they will be much more likely to gamble.